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Learn more about how to use Maple

Making the most of a Maple visitThere are some steps we recommend to prepare for a successful Maple visit.
Checking messages from MapleView important messages and manage your notification settings
Rescheduling an appointmentAppointments must be cancelled and then booked again.
Cancelling an appointment
What Maple can't help with
Services outside of Canada
Inclusivity at Maple
Accessibility at MapleOur mission is to make healthcare more accessible for everyone in Canada.
Why photo ID is requiredTo serve you better, we may ask for a valid government-issued identification.
Finding a permanent family doctorWe can connect you to our network of doctors online, however Maple is not able to find you a dedicated family doctor.
Using Maple without impacting your family doctor relationshipDe-rostering is not an issue for services which are unavailable at your family practice — Maple typically falls into this category.
Regulatory bodies that govern the healthcare provided on Maple
Online doctor availabilityAvailability of Maple online doctors
About our Usage Policies
There is no time limit for online consultations
Downloading and faxing a consultation summaryHow to locate, download, and fax a summary of your visit after it has been completed.
Using the guest video feature
Adding or updating medical records on MapleStep-by-step instructions for adding new or correcting your medical records, including uploading ID
Cancelled consultation requestsIf a provider isn't able to help you on Maple, they'll cancel your request so you don't get charged
Requesting a specific physician
On-demand visit or scheduled appointment notifications
Deleting an accountA step-by-step process on how to close your Maple account
Devices and browsers that support Maple
What to expect after deleting a Maple accountThe following article details what happens when you close your account on Maple.