We ask everyone on Maple to respect our Usage Policies:

  • Your account information, such as your name and date of birthday, must be accurate when you speak to a healthcare provider on Maple. 
  • If you submit a request and the healthcare provider declines it for any reason, you may certainly try again if you wish. But, if you submit more than three requests for the same issue in a 24-hour period, we may flag your account. More than five requests within a few hours may cause your account to be temporarily deactivated.
  • If you’re using our on-demand service, please note that you cannot request a specific healthcare provider. Our system automatically selects the next available provider to start your consultation as quickly as possible. 

We may reach out to you over email if you’re not following our Usage Policies and send you a reminder. Repeated abuse of these policies may result in your account being deactivated

If you have any questions, contact us at [email protected]

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