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Everyone who signs up for a Maple account is prompted to agree to adhere to our Terms of Use on registration. Included in these terms are the following Usage Policies:

  • Your account information, such as your name and date of birth, must be accurate when you speak to a healthcare provider on Maple.

  • If you submit a request and the healthcare provider declines it, you can try to submit a new request.

    • If you submit more than three requests for the same issue in 24 hours, we may flag your account. More than five requests within a few hours may cause your account to be temporarily deactivated.

  • If you’re using our on-demand service, please note that you cannot request a specific healthcare provider. Our system automatically selects the next available provider to start your consultation as quickly as possible.

  • Any prescription you request and acquire from Maple is solely for the personal use of the individual that had the visit.

  • Creating more than one personal account for any purpose. We expect everyone to use their authentic identity on Maple.

  • Falsifying information.

  • Using Maple to impersonate, bully, or harass anyone. We have a zero-tolerance policy for hateful, threatening, or abusive behaviour.

  • Spam.

If there is any suspicion that we believe is an abuse of our platform, terms of use, or the above usage policies, Maple has the right to suspend accounts or modify any medical documents, such as prescriptions.

We may reach out to you over email if we suspect that you’re not following our Usage Policies. Repeated abuse of these policies may result in your account being deactivated.

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Support team.

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