There are different refund policies depending on the type of service or product purchased.

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Please select an option to learn more about our refund policies:

Membership refunds — Ontario

Payments for Maple memberships are non-refundable. This is detailed in the Maple Membership Disclaimer that was shown when you signed up for your membership. You can review the disclaimer here.

You can cancel the auto-renew on your plan at any time in your account settings — you will retain all membership benefits until the end of the billing period. We offer both month-to-month and annual membership plans:

  • For monthly plans, the billing period renews each month — cancelling your subscription means you will not be charged the following month.

  • For annual plans, the billing period renews a year from when you subscribed.

If you subscribed before July 24, 2023, your membership is an annual contract with monthly payments — this is a yearly commitment where you pay monthly. You can cancel the auto-renewal of the annual term at any time in your account settings. Expired memberships cannot be refunded.

For more information or to speak with customer support, please click the Contact Maple button below.

Membership refunds — All other provinces

We can refund applicable membership fees if you no longer need your personal or family monthly membership. The refund will be prorated for any consultations you’ve completed during the membership. Expired memberships cannot be refunded.

Pay-per-visit Consultation fees

Before you first submit a consultation request, Maple displays the price of the consultation and requires confirmation of your payment method. Consultation fees on Maple are for the healthcare provider’s time during the visit and do not guarantee any specific medical outcome.

Here are answers to some common payment questions:

A healthcare provider didn't pick up my consultation request

Our healthcare providers will decline your consultation request if they determine your needs cannot be safely met through an online visit. You will not be charged if the request is declined before being matched with a provider. This can be confirmed by reviewing the Billing tab in your account settings. You may still see an authorization hold on your card — depending on your bank, it may take some time to release the authorization hold.

I didn’t get the medical outcome I was looking for

All healthcare outcomes, including the provision of prescriptions, sick notes, and treatment, are at the healthcare provider’s discretion based on their judgment and professional expertise. Healthcare providers are entitled to charge for their time if the consultation request was accepted and an assessment was conducted (even if no treatment can be provided beyond a recommendation for in-person care). As the fee is for the provider’s time, we cannot issue a refund if you connected with a healthcare provider. Please review Maple's Terms of Use for more details.

I’m concerned about the quality of care I received

If you are concerned about the quality of care you received on Maple, please get in touch with us using the Contact Maple button below to find out about our escalation process for an independent third-party review.

I have an issue with a prescription, doctor’s note, or lab requisition

Please contact us using the Contact Maple button below, so our support team can troubleshoot and resolve your concern.

I had technical issues during my consultation

We can consider issuing a full or partial refund if you have experienced a major technical app issue during a consultation. Contact us using the Contact Maple button below to resolve your concern.

I was eligible for coverage when I paid for the consultation

If you are eligible for public health insurance or private coverage on Maple, you must add the partnership coverage to your account before accessing these services.

Please click the Contact Maple button below to help set up your account, and we will help make sure your coverage is correctly applied. You can also find more information about connecting private health insurance at Maple by clicking here.

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