It’s important to give the healthcare provider as much information as possible in advance to ensure that you aren’t charged unnecessarily.

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Before you first submit a consultation request, Maple displays the price of the consultation.

Similar to in-person visits, consultation fees on Maple are for the healthcare provider’s time during the visit and do not guarantee any specific medical outcome. It’s important to please include as much detail as possible in the initial consultation request to help our providers determine if your needs can be safely met through an online visit. If, based on that information, they decline the consultation in advance, you will not be charged (see Authorization holds below).

If your consultation request is accepted and you chat with the healthcare provider, whether or not to charge for the visit is entirely at the healthcare provider’s discretion. Sometimes a provider can quickly determine that the issue isn’t appropriate for online care and they may choose to close the visit without charge. However, they are entitled to charge for their time if it takes more than a few minutes to assess the case, even if no treatment can be provided beyond a recommendation for in-person care.

If you have private health insurance and have questions about the consultation fee, please contact our support team using the Contact Maple button at the bottom of this article before you submit the consultation request. We will help ensure that your coverage is being properly applied. You can also find more information about private health insurance at Maple by clicking here.

Authorization holds

You will not be charged if you requested a consultation and the provider declined it before you could speak together. What looks like a charge is an authorization hold. When you request a consultation, Maple temporarily holds your card to protect against fraud from unauthorized card usage. The fee will not be charged to your account.

If your request is declined, we immediately release the authorization hold. Depending on your bank's policies, it might take some time to see that reflected in your account.

Partial or full refunds

As you know, we’re here to quickly and conveniently connect you to a healthcare provider anytime you need. We can consider issuing a full or partial refund if:

  • You’re having major technical app issues during a consultation.

  • You accidentally bought credits or simply changed your mind, so long as they’re unused.

  • You bought a personal or family monthly membership and no longer need it. The refund will be prorated for time and any consultations you’ve completed during the membership. Expired memberships cannot be refunded. This does not apply to Maple+ subscriptions. For more information on this, please see Maple+ Refunds.

  • The healthcare provider you saw informs us that you shouldn’t be charged for the consultation.

No refunds

As the fee is for the provider’s time, we cannot issue a refund if you were connected to a healthcare provider and had a consultation with them. All healthcare outcomes, including prescriptions, sick notes, and treatment, are at the healthcare provider’s discretion based on their judgment and professional expertise.

If you’re having a technical issue with a prescription, note, or lab requisition, contact us using the "Contact Maple" button below so that we can troubleshoot and work to resolve your concern.

If you have a concern about the quality of care you received on Maple, please contact us using the Contact Maple button below to find out about our escalation process for an independent third-party review.

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