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Seeing a general practitioner with a Maple membership
Seeing a general practitioner with a Maple membership

Before requesting a consultation, please fill out your health profile and meet with our Intake Coordinator — here's how.

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As a part of our Maple membership offering in Ontario, we include general practitioner visits for patients in Canada or abroad (one per family member per day). This specialty is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There are two steps to complete to set up your account for these visits. You only need to do this for your first general practitioner visit with Maple, then once a year to ensure your profile is updated.

1. Fill out your health profile

Log in to your Maple account and click Complete your health profile on the dashboard (the main page).

Health profile on web browser

Health profile in the mobile app

2. Meet with a General Practitioner Intake Coordinator

Before meeting with a general practitioner, a member of our Intake Coordinator team will verify your identity. Our intake team is available daily from 7 am to 7 pm ET.

Click the Get Care button on your Maple account and select the general practitioner intake option to complete your intake.

You will only be prompted to meet with the Intake Coordinator once a year.

Select General Practitioner Intake

Once you've completed these two account set-up steps, the General Practitioner specialty will be available to select when submitting a consultation request.

Not a Maple subscriber yet? It's only available in Ontario for now — Contact our team to get started!

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