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Steps for keeping an account secure
Steps for keeping an account secure
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  1. Create a strong and unique password, and don't share it with anyone. Our password strength estimator will help you craft a private password that is difficult to guess.

  2. Always log out when you are not actively using your account. For your privacy and security, we'll log you out automatically after a brief period of inactivity. 

  3. Use our two-factor authentication feature to further protect against unauthorized access to your account. When you enable it, we'll send an extra security code to your mobile phone, every time you log in. You'll need to enter this code to access your Maple account. You can enable this extra layer of security in your Account Settings.

  4. Keep an eye on your account activity. You can easily monitor the security of your account for any suspicious behaviour by checking activity logs in your Account Settings.

  5. Never click on any suspicious links. We'll never ask you to provide personal information, or login information such as usernames, passwords, or credit card information through unsolicited email. Contact us if you receive any suspicious emails from Maple.

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