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Using the guest video feature
Using the guest video feature
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Maple’s guest video feature allows patients to invite up to two third-party guests to join a video call during an active consultation — giving family members and caregivers secure access to join the conversation.

Note: Invited guests will only have access to the video itself. They will not be able to view any details about the visit, or any information stored in your Maple account. Video calls are never recorded by the Maple platform.

How to invite a guest to your video consultation

  1. Go into the consultation room for your active consultation.

  2. Select “Manage Guest” on the right hand side.

  3. Enter the invited guest’s email address and an optional 4 digit pin. Once you’ve filled in the fields, click “Send invitation”.

How to join as a guest

  1. An invited guest will receive an email invitation to join the consultation. Click “Join consultation” to join the call.

  2. You’ll need to enter in your name and the 4-digit pin (if provided).

  3. If you don’t receive the invitation, ask the patient to resend the invite.

  4. The pin must be provided by the person who invited you directly.

  5. Once all the information is filled in, click “Ask to join” in order to join the consultation.

Tips for guests and account holders:

  • If you’ve received an invitation to join a consultation as a guest, but get an error message when you click to join, it may be that the invitation has been revoked or has expired. Please ask the person who invited you for a new email invitation.

  • Make sure that you’re using a compatible device and web browser! Our recommendations for browsers that best support Maple can be found here.

Contact our support team for technical troubleshooting support! We’re here to help between 7am and 10pm ET, seven days a week.

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