1. Log into your Maple account by going to https://app.getmaple.ca/login
  2. Click the "See doctor" button. 
  3. The app will first need to determine your location to appropriately match you with a practitioner. If your location feature is turned off off, then you'll need to choose your province or territory from the drop-down menu that says "Change my location." 
  4. Next, select the patient this visit is for — either yourself or someone else (e.g. if you're a parent, and you're looking to speak to a doctor about your child). If the visit is for someone else, then you'll need to ensure that you are their legal guardian or you have power of attorney over their medical decisions. 
  5. Select the type of provider you'd like to see and click the "Continue" button. 
  6. Click "Continue" to proceed to the "Symptoms" page. 
  7. Click on any symptoms that apply; if your symptom is not on the list, you can click the “Other" option — then, you'll will need to describe your symptom. If you need a doctor’s note or a prescription, you must check off the applicable box. If you need a prescription, you'll be required to type in the name of the prescription. If you don't know the name of the medication, you can type “Unknown” and describe the medication to the best of your ability in the "Tell us more" section (for example, “I need a pill for high blood pressure"). 
  8. Ensure the "Tell us more" section is filled out, otherwise, you won't be able to proceed. 
  9. Click on "Continue to Payment”. 
  10. Choose a payment option. 
  11. Once you've selected a payment method click "Continue". You'll advance to a "matching" page that lets you know the practitioner is reviewing your request and that they'll message you soon. If you'd like, you can add any additional medical records or files here while you're waiting — or you can close the browser or app and we'll notify you as soon as the practitioner sends you their first message to start your visit. 

Note that the process may vary depending on the type of practitioner you'd like to see, and whether you're looking for a consultation as soon as possible (on-demand) or to book an appointment. For full details, visit our home page and navigate accordingly, or contact us at [email protected] 

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