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Changing communication language
Changing communication language

Maple is available in English and French!

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You can adjust your language settings between English and French at any time. There are three different ways we communicate with you, and you can customize the language settings for each of them:

  • The interface language is the language used throughout our app or when you log in to Maple.

  • The consultation language is the language spoken when matched with a healthcare provider, whether in chat, conference call (on the phone), or video chat. General practitioners and many specialty consultations are available in both languages. This availability may vary with some of our more unique specialties (based on provider availability).

  • The communications language is the language used in email or text notifications, and the language our Customer Support team will use if we need to reach you.

How to change your language settings

  1. Select Settings from the main menu.

  2. Click on the Languages tab.

  3. Adjust the Interface language, Consultation language, and Communications language as needed.

Language settings in the mobile app

Language settings on a web browser

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