It depends. Maple is a healthcare technology platform, offering telemedicine services by enabling physicians to deliver healthcare remotely as opposed to in-person. The fees for our services are only for those elements which are not covered by provincial health plans in the provinces we serve, such as the ability to have a secure medical consultation via instant message, or the ability to see doctors licensed Canada-wide.

However, there are several exceptions as more and more provincial health plans start to offer coverage for virtual care on Maple:

BC’s Medical Services Plan: Residents of British Columbia can speak with general practitioners by video chat on Maple once per day, Monday to Friday, between 7am and 6pm PT. Click here for details.

EVisitNB: Scheduled visits are available for New Brunswick residents between 7am - 9pm ET.

HealthPEI: Provides coverage to residents who do not currently have a primary healthcare provider, and are waiting on the provincial registry. Patients will be invited by HealthPEI directly to participate. Visits are available between Monday toThursday from 8am-5pm Atlantic Time.

If you have questions about fees charged via Maple, please contact us directly at [email protected].

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