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Adding coverage for your dependents
Adding coverage for your dependents
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We have partnerships with many employers and benefits providers for fully covered visits or reduced pricing. Since there is a wide range of insurance policies, it would be best to reach out to your employer directly if you are unsure of what coverage is available to your dependents or family members.

For most plans, there are two methods for sharing coverage, depending on the age of the dependent:

  • Dependents under 18 years of age must be added to your Maple account as a patient profile. Coverage will automatically be applied. Instructions for creating a patient profile are available in the How do I add a patient profile to my account Helpdesk article, available here.

  • Dependents over 18 can create their own Maple account using our plan sharing feature:

Invite a dependent using the plan sharing feature

  1. Navigate to Account Settings and select the Coverage tab.

  2. In the Share your coverage field, enter the email address of the family member you are sharing your coverage with and click Send invitation.

Your family member will receive an invitation to accept and create a Maple account.

Once they accept, you’ll see the invitee’s full name, the date and time they connected their coverage, and the option to disconnect them from your coverage.

Before the invitation is accepted, you will have the ability to cancel or resend it. Once the invitation is accepted, you can deactivate the user to remove coverage at any time.

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