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What to expect after receiving a lab or DI requisition on Maple
What to expect after receiving a lab or DI requisition on Maple
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Lab or diagnostic imaging (DI) requisitions are available through a consultation with a doctor or nurse practitioner on Maple, depending on your location (click here to see if this service is available in your province).

Please note that all medical decisions, including provision of requisitions, are at the discretion of the provider.

How does the process work?

  1. When a doctor or NP orders a test for you on Maple, you’ll receive a PDF requisition that you can print and take to any community lab or diagnostic imaging (DI) centre.

    • Please note that depending on the tests that are ordered, there may be additional fees at the centre. These are determined by the centre, and not Maple.

  2. If the lab/DI centre needs additional information, they may reach out to our team or directly to the ordering physician.

  3. After your tests are completed, the results are sent back to Maple.

    • You can review the usual time frame for results here. Please note that Maple is not intended for urgent testing.

  4. Results are reviewed by the ordering physician and the clinical team, and posted to your Maple account. You’ll receive an email notification that your results have been uploaded.

    • If your results indicate that you may need follow-up or more timely next steps, such as in-person care, our clinical team may call you over the phone to relay this message.

  5. To view your results, log in to your Maple account, select the consultation in which they were ordered, and click on the Requisitions tab.

  6. If your results require follow-up, log in anytime and submit a General Practitioner consultation request. Let us know in the Tell Us More section that you got test results back and would like to discuss them. If you’d prefer to take your results to a family doctor or in-person clinic, you are welcome to do so.

Have more questions about lab requisitions on Maple? Check out our other Helpdesk articles or contact us.

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