There’s a problem with my lab requisition
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If you are having trouble with a lab requisition you received from a doctor on Maple, please contact our customer support team to see if we’re able to resolve your issue before submitting another consultation request, as you will be required to pay for the additional visit.

I can’t find my requisition

There are several places to find your lab requisition once it has been added to your consultation:

  • On your dashboard when you first log in to your Maple account, under Recent history

  • In the consultation summary under the Requisitions tab

  • From the direct link to download your requisition that will be emailed to you

My lab requisition appears blank

There may be an issue with your PDF viewing software. Please use a different device such as a computer or an alternate PDF viewer in order to print your requisition correctly.

The information is incorrect

If there is incorrect information on your requisition, such as your name, date of birth or specific tests ordered please contact us and we would be happy to help you.

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