This article describes the fees that apply for general practitioner services not covered by provincial governments. Fees may not apply if you have benefits coverage through your insurer or employer, or if your consultation includes only provincially-funded services. Click here to learn more.

For pricing in Quebec, click here.

If you’re in BC, click here for more information on our MSP-covered visits.

There are three ways to pay for a general practitioner visit on Maple — pay-per-visit, medical membership plans, and credit packages.


$49 on weekdays from 7am to 11:59pm ET

$79 on weekends and holidays from 7am to 11:59pm ET

$99 overnight every day from midnight to 6:59am ET

  • Registration is free. Only pay for the visits you need.

  • Each visit is for one issue, and there's no time limit.

  • Get a diagnosis, prescription, or sick note in minutes.

Medical Membership Plans

$30/month Personal Membership — up to 30 on-demand visits per year

$50/month Family Membership — up to 50 on-demand visits per year

Our memberships are paid annually and give you access to year-round care. You must be the legal guardian or power of attorney for medical decisions for all family members.

  • Ongoing, time-limit free doctor's visits.

  • Add profiles for every person under your care.

  • Keep your medical records all in one place.

Credit Packages

$100 Starter Package — 5% savings, pay only $95

$200 Extended Package — 10% savings, pay only $180

$500 Year-round Package — 15% savings, pay only $425

  • Save up to 15% on your Maple visits.

  • Use credits for visits or memberships.

  • Credits never expire — use them on your own terms.

You can also click here to find specific pricing information for other types of visits, such as mental health, dermatology, and more.

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