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Tips for taking good photos for your consultation
Tips for taking good photos for your consultation
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Photos are required for certain speciality visits on Maple - you can add them after submitting a request to see the doctor.

Photos will need to be high-quality, and meet the following requirements:

  • Photos should be clear and well-focused

  • Take a close up photo at 10cm away and an overview at 30cm away

  • Use either fluorescent lighting or natural sunlight to improve contrast

  • Show the entire area that is involved, not just a small part

  • Take pictures against a solid, preferably white background

  • For hands and feet, take pictures of both the top and the bottom

  • Include a ruler or coin in the photo so the doctor can measure size

To further assist the physician, ensure you add any background medical history to your Maple medical records – this includes any medical conditions, medications, surgeries or allergies.

Lastly, be sure to upload a picture of valid ID if a prescription is needed. This is a legal requirement before the specialist can write you a prescription.

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