Physician screening process
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Our philosophy is simple: only recruit the best and most caring doctors. Our physicians are Canadian licensed and practicing right here in Canada, each and every day.


All candidates undergo an extensive selection process led by our Chief Medical Officer. This includes:

  • A thorough review of medical training and clinical experience.

  • Background screening.

  • Standard medical license verification through the College of Physicians and Surgeons, or other medical regulator, of the applicable province in which they are licensed to practice.

Next, each candidate receives additional training tailored to provide the best care through Maple. When completed successfully, physicians are able to start seeing patients.

Listening to people is the best way to ensure great service, so we ask that you rate each consultation. We use your feedback and our own internal quality assurance processes to continuously raise the bar of our healthcare experience.


In addition, all physicians providing healthcare through Maple are governed by regulatory colleges, and in all instances, must act in accordance with the governing principles set out in the telemedicine policies of each medical regulator in the applicable province. Regulators across Canada support and recognize the value of services like ours, and the way in which they can benefit patients, physicians, and Canada’s broader healthcare system by improving access to care and increasing efficiencies in the delivery of care.

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