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The process of getting a food sensitivity test
The process of getting a food sensitivity test
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Naturopathic doctors on Maple can provide requisitions for Food Sensitivity Tests (FST). The process is:

  1. The naturopathic doctor sends a link for you to pay for the FST.

  2. Once the payment is made, the naturopathic doctor will upload a Food Sensitivity Test requisition to your Maple account.

  3. Download the requisition and bring it to a LifeLab clinic.

    1. If you don’t live near a LifeLab clinic, you can have a testing kit mailed to your home (additional shipping charges will be added when you pay for the test initially). You take the test and mail the kit back to LifeLabs.

  4. LifeLabs processes the tests and sends the results to the naturopathic doctor.

  5. Results are uploaded to your Maple profile for you to review.

How much does a Food Sensitivity Test cost?

The cost of the Food Sensitivity Testing is approximately $300. The price varies based on the exact test you are looking for.

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