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Cancelled consultation requests
Cancelled consultation requests

If a provider isn't able to help you on Maple, they'll cancel your request so you don't get charged

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When you submit a consultation request on Maple, your request is submitted to our available healthcare providers, who evaluate the request and determine whether they can help you online.

If the healthcare provider feels that they can’t help you online or there are no providers available, your request will be cancelled. You will not be charged if you are not matched with a healthcare provider. Please see our Credit card charges article, available here, for more information.

If your request is cancelled, we’ll send you a notification with more detailed information. You can also view this information by:

  • Logging in to your Maple account in a web browser and clicking View Details under the specific consultation date on the dashboard's right side

  • Clicking the menu in the top left of the mobile app, selecting Consultations and clicking on the specific consultation request

You can submit a new request and clarify your concerns — another healthcare provider may be able to help. Always provide as much information and detail as possible when submitting your request. This gives the healthcare provider valuable information to determine how they can provide the best care.

Please note that for some programs and specialties, there may be limited availability of eligible providers, which may result in some requests being cancelled automatically if they are not picked up in a specific amount of time. This ensures that patients can seek timely and appropriate care for their concern. If you are having trouble connecting with a provider, try requesting a consultation at another time.

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