We have partnerships with many employers and benefits providers for fully covered visits or reduced pricing, including Healthcare Spending Accounts (HSA). Since there are a wide range of insurance policies, it would be best to reach out to your employer directly to learn about the specifics of your coverage and find out whether consultations on Maple are covered.

When a visit or membership purchase is complete, Maple sends patients an email receipt outlining the details of the charge, which can be submitted to insurers for reimbursement if available. You can also download a receipt by clicking on “Account Settings”, and then “Billing”.

Please note that consultations completed using credits will not be issued individual receipts for each online visit, as you would have already been issued a receipt for the main purchase of the Credits package at the time of its purchase.

You'll want to contact your insurance provider to confirm whether a receipt for credits is reimbursable.

We’re actively working to get additional coverage for our services. Contact your insurer to find out if Maple is included in yours.

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