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What is a membership plan?
What is a membership plan?
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Depending on where you're located, you may see different membership and subscription options available. Select an option to learn more:


Users in Ontario can subscribe to Maple+. This new subscription model has you fully covered with care for you and your family. It's $79.99/month, and you can cancel anytime. Benefits of Maple+ include:

  • No waiting rooms — no need to take time off work, no travel costs, and no exposure to germs.

  • Exclusive access to Maple specialists for mental health, dermatology, endocrinology + more. Enjoy an $80 discount on a select specialty visit each month.

  • 24/7 access to a general practitioner — care for chronic conditions or new concerns, access to sick notes, prescriptions, lab work and tracking of your medical history. You own your medical records and test results.

Maple+ is here to support you, on your schedule. To enjoy on-demand care, plus health and well-being benefits, subscribe today.

All other provinces and territories

Our memberships are paid annually and give you access to year-round on-demand general practitioner visits. Please note that specialist visits are not included in memberships.

$30/month Personal Membership — up to 30 visits per year (paid annually)

$50/month Family Membership — up to 50 visits per year (paid annually)

Add profiles for every person under your care — You must be the legal guardian or power of attorney for medical decisions for all family members.

To purchase a membership, register or log in to your Maple account and click Membership Options on the main menu.

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