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Virtual conditions treated by endocrinologists"
Virtual conditions treated by endocrinologists"
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Our endocrinologists are able to assist with diabetes, thyroid gland problems, adrenal gland problems, pituitary gland problems, PCOS/Menstrual problems, low testosterone, bone/osteoporosis/calcium problems, high lipids/cholesterol issues, and many other issues.

We are committed to providing the best possible medical care and patient experience. Please note some requests or medical concerns may not be well suited to telemedicine. Requests for consultations which would require an ongoing doctor-patient relationship and continued health monitoring may be declined. For example, most hormone therapies require ongoing in-person care to be safely managed.

We also recommend being as specific and detailed as possible about your needs and expectations for the visit when filling out your consultation request. Endocrinology consultations on Maple occur via text/secure messaging, so be sure to include any relevant pictures or uploads when submitting a request. If the doctors can help, they'll accept the consultation. Otherwise, if they don't think what you are looking for is suitable for Maple, they'll decline your request in advance and any payment will be cancelled and returned to you via the original method of payment. 

To learn more about endocrinology on Maple, please click here.

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