Whether you need a prescription, sick note, or a diagnosis for your symptoms, log in to Maple to request an online consultation with a general practitioner. Let the general practitioner know what brings you in and feel free to upload any relevant photos, videos or files, and share your medical history in advance. All your data is encrypted and stored securely.

Before connecting you, we'll first advise you of the consultation cost; please note your credit card will not be charged until your consultation is complete. Once you proceed, we'll connect you to a general practitioner in minutes, and you don't have to worry about stepping away or closing your browser. We’ll send you a text and email notification reminder as soon as the general practitioner is ready to see you. They'll wait for you for up to ten minutes; if you are not able to reply in time, your consultation will remain active but there may be a delay until the general practitioner is available again.

During your consultation, you can communicate via instant-message, but your general practitioner may also request a live audio or video chat if medically necessary. Medical diagnoses, prescriptions and sick notes are provided directly by the physician during the consultation.

Once your request has been fully addressed, you or your general practitioner can end the consultation, and you will be asked to rate your experience with 1 - 5 stars. Our general practitioners are also asked to rate patients. Our feedback system exists to build a community of trust, professionalism, and respect for everyone.

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