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Do you offer provincially-funded psychiatry visits?
Do you offer provincially-funded psychiatry visits?
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In Ontario, yes. We’re hoping to expand provincially-funded psychiatry visits to other provinces soon as well.

To access this service, you’ll first need a referral from a primary care provider like your family doctor. The referral should include your referring provider’s name and OHIP billing number. You can ask that the referral be addressed to “Maple Psychiatry.”

Once you have the referral, log in to your Maple account and request a consultation using the “Psychiatry (covered by OHIP)” specialty. The specialty is available Monday through Thursday, 9 am to 12 pm EST. You should hear back from them within an hour. You’ll need to provide the referral letter and a picture of your Ontario Health Card with the booking coordinator.

If your referral is accepted, your family doctor or referring GP will be made aware and you’ll be able to book an OHIP-covered psychiatry appointment directly through the app. If your referral is not accepted, we will reach out to your family doctor or referring GP to let them know why.

If you are having any difficulty entering your appointment or accessing Maple, please contact Maple Customer Support within 15 minutes of your appointment start time to avoid a no-show fee. Should you need to cancel your appointment, please provide ample warning.

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