Offered in partnership with Rapid Test Canada, you can purchase rapid antigen tests for easy and convenient COVID-19 screening. Each test is self-administered, so you can take it anytime for accurate results within 15 minutes.

You can select a test kit with either 5 or 25 individual tests.

Prices are:

  • $80 (plus tax) for a 5-test kit

  • $300 (plus tax) for a 25-test kit

All tests are Health Canada-approved and results are over 90% accurate.

Whether you’re worried about exposure to COVID-19, need a test before work or school, or are having a gathering with family and friends, Maple has you covered! Click here to learn more or purchase your kit.

Please note: For any questions regarding orders after purchasing or receiving your delivery, contact Rapid Test Canada directly at [email protected].

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