To consult with a pediatrician on Maple, you will need to make an account for your child so that any prescriptions, notes, and records can be created under the correct patient. To do this, you can open your Maple account and click on "Patient Profiles."  

To proceed with the consultation request, simply click the “See doctor” button from the main page of your Maple account. From there, select your child as the patient for which the consultation is for, and then select “Pediatrician” as the provider you'd like to consult. 

You'll have the option to choose a "Simple Initial Visit" or a "Complex Visit." The majority of concerns will fall under "Simple Initial Visit," but parents who have more complex questions or whose children have more complex conditions (e.g., diabetes) can choose to have a "Complex Visit." A pediatrician will review the consultation request and accept it if it appears eligible. 

Once you’re connected with the provider, you can choose to chat by text, video call or speak over the phone.

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